EmpowerHer Collective

EmpowerHer Collective

EmpowerHer is a dynamic network with a vision to help heal, restore and rebuild the inner life of every woman in our community.

This unique and empowering journey is walked alongside other women who have overcome the negatives of the past and are passionate about creating a pathway for others to do the same. EmpowerHer raises women to be the leaders, daughters, mothers, wives, sisters and leaders our communities and families need.

From our participants

EmpowerHer revealed why I have always struggled with certain things, and gave me the tools to overcome.


Through EmpowerHer I found a sisterhood that strengthened me and formed a solid support network that I could call on when difficult life events cropped up long after the program had finished.


EmpowerHer changed my whole outlook so I can now see and relate from a healed perspective, not a hurt one.


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